Jack Meyer

Hey, I'm currently working as a Software Engineer at Charles Schwab. My primary experiences are are with Xamarin iOS/Android app development, React.JS web apps, .NET APIs, and both SQL and MongoDB databases. I have also worked on projects involving:

It won't take you long to notice that technology rules my life, and I am constantly planning/working on DIY projects that keep me busy and inspired. I started early in childhood flashing custom firmwares to boost the signal of our home router, software modding our original Xbox, and demanding the best out of any device I got my hands on. Consumer technology has always had my heart, and my focus has now turned to improving the home. Check out my projects page to learn more about my custom-built smart mirror, waterproof shower TV, and soon: 2.5Gbe home networking with a server for NAS/Virtualization/Docker containers.

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